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4 Maddens Lane
Coldstream, VIC, 3770



Maddens Rise wines are produced from the Estate vineyards located in Victoria's Yarra Valley region. 


Our wine is made on-site using hand picked grapes, small batch fermentation, minimal oak influence and wild yeasts.

Our Vineyard Philosophy

Biological farming practices are being used wherever practicable. This will greatly improve soil biology, better utilise nutrients, suppress disease causing organisms, improve water efficiency and improve soil structure. The overall effect will be to make the vines healthier, more ‘water wise’ and more resistant to attack from pests and disease. The fruit, and our wines, will reflect this.

Back Block Vineyard

In 1996, Chardonnay (clone I10V1) and Pinot Noir (clone MV6) were planted at the western end of this block. In 1997, plantings occurred in east-west rows in the middle of this block (due to the topography) – Cabernet Sauvignon (clone SA125) and Merlot (clone D3V14). Recently, part of the Merlot block was grafted across to Nebbiolo. The eastern portion of the block was planted with MV6 Pinot Noir in 1998, again using east-west rows due to the topography. All vines planted on this block are on their own roots.
We have establishing trial blocks of Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec, together with Arneis, Chenin Blanc, Fiano, Garganega, Vermentino and Sangiovese. These are part of adjusting to new climatic conditions, whilst introducing greater variety for consumers.

Front Block Vineyard

This block of about 40 acres has frontage to both Maddens Lane and the Maroondah Highway. One of the Valleys oldest wool sheds is on this corner and can be seen from the Highway. The establishment and operation of this block is largely the same as for the Back Block, with irrigation coming from the Back Block’s dam. One important difference, however, is that all vines planted on the Front Block are grafted onto phylloxera resistant rootstock. In 2000, we planted on east-west oriented rows, Pinot Noir (clone 114) on Schwarzman and 101-14 rootstock, Pinot Noir (clone 115) on Schwarzman, Teleki 5C and Kober 5BB rootstock, Pinot Meunier (clone H10V5) on Richter 99 rootstock, Shiraz (clone PT23) on Schwartzman rootstock and Viognier (Montpellier clone) on SO4 rootstock.
Planting continued with Chardonnay (Mendosa clone) on Schwarzman and Teleki 5C rootstock in 2001 and Bernard 95 Chardonnay (on 101-14 rootstock) during 2004.
We have recently commenced a small program to graft some Shiraz vines across to heritage Shiraz clones and some Pinot Meunier to Pinot Noir clone 777.


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